Slap Shot 2 Breaking the Ice (2002): Janacek Hit Hard


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The clip Janacek hit hard from Slap Shot 2 Breaking the Ice (2002)

Welcome back, old man.
You know, Mr Claremont, um,
when I agreed to take care of the Chiefs,
you said I'd get that promotion to vice president.
I'm watching the game right now. Talk about it later.
Here comes Flynn to centre ice. He's calling them all together.
Ash, Leo, Blaine responding. Tesh getting in here. You know what this is.
Look. That's her.
It's time for the Ice Breaker pinwheel.
I blew the last guy on the pinwheel.
They spin around, pickin' up speed.
OK, there goes Tesh.
Jesus Christ!
We have another derailed Super Chief. The kids are eating up this excellent...
Yanny! Yanny, you all right?
Son of a bitch!
C'mon, you'll be all right. Let's go.
Get up. Let me see.
Jesus Christ!
Don't worry, Coach.
That's show business. Show business.
Eastern Europeans have that circus background.
They love the roar of the crowd, the greasepaint.
He's eating it up, this guy. He's taking a few minutes off now, folks.
Congratulations. Your brainwash is complete.
There's a baleful glance between two ice warriors, Trent and Linden.

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