Slap Shot 2 Breaking the Ice (2002): The Real Hockey Match


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The clip The real Hockey match from Slap Shot 2 Breaking the Ice (2002)

Don't even let them get started. If this is our last game, make me proud.
Call it.
Thanks, Coach.
All right, boys.
You foiled up?
Take us to the Promised Land.
Do it.
What's this? I thought you'd left.
I'm back, so you might wanna sit this one out.
Fuck off, Linden.
Getting ready for the face-off. Skipper Tesh in the circle against
uh, Hanson.
No, no, no, no.
My God, they're hitting each other. This is disgusting!
Is this some kind of joke? Our name is all over this ugly show.
So is mine.
This is not what we rehearsed!
We're talking hammered.
They're playing it for real, boys.
They want a real game, we're gonna give 'em a real game! Right?
Right! Bring it on, boys! Bring it on!
No, you pansy!
Ethan tries to pass the puck to Jordan.
Shoots! Good save.
Coming around the net, Palmberg. Passes up to Wolfhard.
Fires to Linden on the right. Linden spins.
Miller lines up. He shoots. He scores!
It's Ice Breakers 11, Super Chiefs
Chiefs, whatever
Excuse me.
It's a new game. The score's 1-0, Chiefs.
I'm sorry. Mr Claremont won't allow it.
Change the fuckin' score!
All right.
Chiefs 1, Ice Breakers 0.
Looks like we got ourselves a whole new game, folks.

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