Slap Shot 2 Breaking the Ice (2002): The Final Seconds


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The clip The Final seconds from Slap Shot 2 Breaking the Ice (2002)

Time-out! Time-out!
Bring it in!
You all right?
Blew the shoulder out.
Can you skate?
Yeah, I can skate.
Guys, 29 seconds left.
Win the draw, crash the net, score a fuckin' goal. I wanna beat these guys.
Linden, your line's up. Wolfhard, Cariboo, on D.
Let's get out there. Come on!
Let's go!
How's your shoulder, loser?
Puck is out. Linden loses the draw. It goes to Ash.
Passes to Rob, who passes to Trent along the left wing.
Into the Chiefs' zone. It's a race to the net.
15 seconds to go. 14.
Cariboo and Wolfhard squeeze him into slot.
Saved by Gasmer!
Son of a bitch!
Gasmer drops the puck to Cariboo, who clears to the left. Miller picks it up.
Oh, nice move by Cariboo. He just won a play. Great team play.
Miller still has possession.
Only seconds to go in this game. He's hanging on...
Linden is clear on the left.
Miller hanging on to the puck.
Pass the puck!
Pass the fuckin' puck! He's open!
Pass the puck, Miller, you selfish son of a bitch!

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