Charlie Wilson's War (2007): Israel Helps Mujahideen


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The clip israel helps mujahideen from Charlie Wilson's War (2007) with Tom Hanks, Ken Stott

We need you, Zvi.
You're gonna be our man inside the Israeli Parliament.
I'm not in the Israeli Parliament.
That's what's gonna make you so effective.
No one has your pull with the 10th Knesset.
No one has your relationship with the Speaker.
And we are gonna... We're gonna need your arm around Menachem,
when he finds out that we're working with Egypt and the Saudis.
Tell him. Tell him why we need him.
I'm not saying anything. Why not?
I don't know who the fuck these two other guys are.
Well, ain't they bodyguards? Not ours.
Now, just to sum this up in a nutshell.
You want me to move Israel
toward a partnership with Egypt, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
And Saudi Arabia.
Well, just a couple of problems I can foresee off the top of my head.
Charlie... I know.
...Pakistan and Afghanistan don't recognize our right to exist.
Calm down. We just got done fighting a war with Egypt
and every person who has ever tried to kill me and my family,
has been trained in Saudi Arabia.
That's not entirely true, Zvi.
I mean, some of them were trained by us.
Gus, come on.
It's his sense of humor. It's a bit of an acquired taste.
Now, Zvi, look at me.
This is the front of the Cold War.
It's not in Berlin, it's not in Cuba, it's not in Czechoslovakia.
It's in a pile of rocks called Afghanistan.
These are the only people who are actually shooting at the Russians.
Now, you and I know we have to get Soviet-made weapons
into the hands of the mujahideen.
And you and I know where the largest stockpile
of Soviet weapons outside the Soviet Union is.
I can't tell you offhand how many
and what kind of weapons we've confiscated.
I can. These are Keyhole-11 satellite photos.
They've been degraded so I can show them to you.
All right, that's a five-wheeled chassis tank.
That's not the Mk. 1, that's the T-55.

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