Charlie Wilson's War (2007): Joanne's Help and Drug Investigation


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The clip joanne's help and drug investigation from Charlie Wilson's War (2007) with Shiri Appleby

Joanne Herring's residence. Who's speaking?
Miss Herring, Congressman Wilson for you.
Hello. Hey.
Tell me what's happening.
Well, I need Doc Long, and he's not getting on board.
Now, he's a church-going guy, so I thought,
you know, maybe you could... So now you need God.
Yeah. Let me give you his private line.
I've got it.
Trish! Yes, ma'am.
Boss? Yeah.
Hey, that's a nice sweater. Oh, thank you.
The Washington Times wants to know if you've ever been in rehab.
Well, what are you gonna tell them? That you won't go to rehab
'cause they don't serve whiskey there.
Well, that's why you're the press secretary, boo-boo.
I've got Stu on the line. Can you jump on? Yeah.
Hey, Stu, it's me.
All right.
No, she's not a stripper, Stu. She just posed for the cover...
Oh, what the hell difference does it make?
They're talking to Crystal today.
Giuliani subpoenaed the limo driver.
Oh, that's what Gus said he'd do.
Well, the limo driver said he didn't see anything.
He didn't see anything.
So Giuliani subpoenaed every limo driver
between Arlington and Silver Spring to see if any of them can recall you using cocaine.
Joanne Herring's on the phone. Hey, you.
We're all leaving in the morning.
You're kidding? No.
Well, what did you have to promise him?
There's a blind girl in jail 'cause she was raped.
Yeah. You're gonna get her out.
What, I got to bust somebody out of jail?
Don't be stupid, Charlie. You're gonna tell Zia to pardon her.
That's Doc's condition.
I'll fly in tonight. Buy me a drink? Yes, ma'am.
We're almost there, Charlie.
I'm going back to Pakistan tomorrow! GIRLS: Let's party!

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