Charlie Wilson's War (2007): Ride to the Airport


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The clip ride to the airport from Charlie Wilson's War (2007)

I wish he wouldn't do that. From Texas.
Has there ever been a show about Washington?
I don't think there has. Me, neither.
Thank you. We got the suite another night. Comped.
Should I go back? No.
You can't stay another night? No. No.
Stay another night.
I can't. I have a vote.
What, an important one?
Yes. What is it?
Well, it's a non-binding resolution
expressing the sense of the Congress
that the Department of Defense should continue to exercise its authority
to support the Boy Scouts of America.
Are you fucking kidding me?
Come on, Charlie, call, raise or fold.
I want to get an answer on this thing
that Crystal and I want to do.
First off, I'd appreciate it
if you didn't throw my name around quite so much,
'cause, from time to time, I use it myself, and I need it in good condition.
Second, I'm from Lufkin, Texas.
I'm the son of an accountant for a timber company.
I take home about 700 bucks a week, and I pay alimony,
so the idea that I got $29,000 in the bank is pretty hysterical.
That said, I love your idea.
Crys, I'll call you this week. Okay.
All right.
Stacey, Kelly, nice to meet you both. Are you Nevada residents?
Yeah. Well, don't forget to vote.
Bye. We love you! We love you!
Oh, it helps not to know me. Oh! That is for you.
Thank you, sir. Thank you.
Bye! Bye, Charlie.
I love Las Vegas!

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