Charlie Wilson's War (2007): Strategy in Afghanistan


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The clip strategy in afghanistan from Charlie Wilson's War (2007)

Afghanistan's barely a country.
There's no phones or roads outside the cities.
It's likely that a villager would live his life
without having contact with another village just three miles down the road
unless he was going to war against them.
Now, my thinking is instead of 400,000 sloppy guys,
we concentrate on several elite forces totaling about 150,000.
Give these guys real training,
20 different courses covering irregular warfare disciplines.
And do you have anybody in mind?
The most successful rebels today are in the Panjshir Valley.
They're called the United Front of the Council of the North.
We've earmarked them for 10 million in weapons
and 10 to 15 agency advisors for training.
Who's their leader? Ahmed Shah Massoud.
He's Tajik, so he's not well liked by the Pashtun.
So the... What, the Tajiks have a problem with the Pashtuns?
Well, they say when a Tajik wants to make love to a woman,
his first choice is always a Pashtun man.
It's funnier in the original Pashto.
All right, I've heard enough. I'm going to go get our money.
All right, don't fuck us up now.
Awesome pep talk.
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