Charlie Wilson's War (2007): Invitation from Joanne


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The clip invitation from joanne from Charlie Wilson's War (2007)

My XO wrote in a report,
I was the best officer he ever served at sea with,
and the worst officer he ever served in port with.
You can look it up.
I must've graduated from Annapolis
with the second most demerits of any midshipman
in the history of the Naval Academy.
Well, who had the most? I want to sleep with him.
It's hotter here in D.C. Than in Nacogdoches,
so I hope you don't mind, I took off a few of my clothes.
Well, I'm just gonna have to live with that, Jane.
Just call me angel of the morning, angel
Just touch my cheek before you leave me
Come on over here. I'm gonna show you the best view in the District.
You want some of this?
No, no, I got this.
I like both.
Well, it must be great being me.
I've heard it is.
Iwo Jima Memorial.
There's the Lincoln.
Washington. Now follow it around to the right.
The Jefferson Memorial. The Arlington Bridge.
And there's the Pentagon.
Oh, that's the Pentagon.
That's the Pentagon.
How about I show you the second best view in the District?
Why, Jane, would you like...
Well, that was predictable.
Just give me one second.
That was an extraordinary thing
you did today.
Who is this?
It's Joanne.
Why, gosh, how nice to hear from you.
Could I call you back in a little bit?
Is Ronald Reagan in your bedroom right now?
Then I'm considerably more important
than whoever is. Is anything wrong?
This is gonna take just a second or two.
Okay, I'm all yours.
What did I do that was so extraordinary?
"Double it. "
'Cause I was told you didn't have a girlfriend.

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