Charlie Wilson's War (2007): Charges of Drug Use


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The clip charges of drug use from Charlie Wilson's War (2007) with Tom Hanks, Philip Seymour Hoffman

Excuse me.
I'm the Congressman's aide, Bonnie Bach.
Gust Avrakotos.
Gus, I need the room for a second.
Sure. Jailbait!
Whoa, whoa. Hey, hey. Whoa, all right.
Just tell me what's happening.
A Justice Department task force that was formed last year
to investigate reports of sex between members of the House
and their male interns has recently widened
to include the use of recreational drugs
by senators and congressmen.
Do you know a man named Paul Brown?
He doesn't have to answer that. Keep going.
Oh, shit.
Paul Brown, under investigation by federal prosecutors for fraud.
He wanted me to invest in some TV show for Crystal.
Well, he's saying he witnessed you doing cocaine nine times
in a fantasy suite in Las Vegas.
Brian Ross at NBC is breaking the story.
All right, guys. I was in Las Vegas with Crystal and Paul Brown,
because she wanted me to talk to him about this thing.
There was cocaine?
I want you to go in the other room and start on a statement.
Let's get Stu on the phone. Okay, I'll call him.
Okay, Bait, you just need to start...
It's all right, everybody.
It's gonna be all right. I want to get back to...
You having problems?
What do you mean, he's not trying to defeat the Soviets?
Well, he wants to bleed them. Payback for Vietnam.
Make it so they just have to keep sending troops in,
keep sending money, and troops, and money
until they just go out of their fucking minds the way we did.
You mean to tell me that the U.S. Strategy in Afghanistan
is to have the Afghans keep walking into machine gun fire
till the Russians run out of bullets?
That's Harold Holt's strategy.
It's not U.S. Strategy. What is U.S. Strategy?
Well, strictly speaking, we don't have one.
But we're working hard on that.
Who's we? Me and three other guys.
Would you excuse me?
All right, what do you have?
"Representative Charles Wilson has learned he is joining several members of Congress
"who are under investigation by a Justice Department task force that is... "
Don't say task force. It makes it sound
like Eliot Ness is running the thing. Okay.
Who is running the thing? Who's the prosecutor?
Rudolph Giuliani, New York, Southern District.
You know him? No.
Well, it's been going on forever. We should say that, too.

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