Charlie Wilson's War (2007): Smuggling Arms into Afghanistan


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The clip smuggling arms into afghanistan from Charlie Wilson's War (2007)

and 82 millimeter mortars are coming into Pakistan by air and sea,
and then trucks take them to the Afghan border.
Then we take them across on mules,
which are running a little more than we thought.
The mules? They're 2,400 a piece,
plus we got to get them checked out. For what?
Diseases. Foot and mouth. Plus they have to have their ears cleaned.
The mules are getting better health care than the Afghans.
Plus, they're gonna cost a little extra if we want them pre-trained.
To do what? Walk over a mountain
with ammunition on their back.
Aren't they born with that instinct?
I mean, isn't that something they want to do naturally?
You think Afghanistan might, one day, think about building some fucking roads?
Gust. Yeah?
I got something for you.
I need you to be specific...

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