Charlie Wilson's War (2007): the Station Chief in Islamabad


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The clip the station chief in islamabad from Charlie Wilson's War (2007) with Tom Hanks, Philip Seymour Hoffman

The whole thing has changed. Get your diary. I'll show you.
No problem. Thank you.
He should be here any moment.
Don't worry about me. I'm fine.
Good morning. Good morning, Congressman.
Welcome back. Yeah. Marla.
Welcome back. Suzanne.
Welcome back.
Who are you?
This is Gust Avrakotos.
He's come up from Langley to bring you the information
that you wanted. Bonnie!
Yes, sir?
I said Assistant Deputy Director or higher.
I know, sir. I called... No, Assistant Deputies don't come
to the Hill without a subpoena.
I'm the guy you want to talk to, Congressman. I'm on the Afghan desk.
You're on the Afghan desk? Yeah.
Well, I wouldn't be too proud of that. I just got back from there.
Oh, I know. And that's a hell of a flight, too.
That nine hours flying time against the jet stream.
Probably had to stop in Brussels, plus the time difference.
I'd be a little grumpy myself.
I ain't grumpy because of the plane.
We want to give you this 'cause we know you like single malt.
It's called Talisker,
and it's mentioned in a Robert Louis Stevenson poem,
The Scotsman's Return from Abroad.
"The king o' drinks, as I conceive it,
"Talisker, Isla or Glenlivet!"
Who are you again? Gust Avrakotos.
Have Bonnie come into this meeting.
Yes, sir.
What's the gift for?
It's from the Afghan desk for doubling the budget for the mujahideen.
Oh. Well, thank you.
It was nothing.
Well, it's a nice bottle of Scotch.
Must've been hard to get.
No, doubling the budget was nothing.
I mean, $10 million for covert ops against the Russian Army is meaningless.
What are you, an infant? Now, you hang on just one second.
I don't remember your name.
Gust Avrakotos.
Okay, you mind if I call you Gus?
Yeah, well, my name's Gust with a "t," but I don't care.
Fifteen hours ago, I offered Harold Holt the keys to the safe, okay?

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