Charlie Wilson's War (2007): Joanna's Party


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The clip joanna's party from Charlie Wilson's War (2007) with Julia Roberts

Our next slave girl is a Texas rose named Ashley Rensler.
Ashley is prelaw at U. T., and her three sorority sisters
from Delta Delta Delta will wash your car or truck
in special outfits they have chosen for the occasion.
So, who wants their wheels cleaned clean as a whistle by a 19-year-old lawyer
and her three friends from Tri-Delt?
I have 10,000, who'll give me 11?
11, 11, I got 11.
I got 15 right here. Thank you very much.
Oh, my God, she is a Minute Woman.
No, she's a Tri-Delt.
No, she is a Minute Woman, Charlie.
Oh. Joanne.
Yeah, she's a direct descendant of George Washington's sister.
Says she had a great uncle who was killed at the Alamo.
Former Miss Cotton Bowl. Had her own local television talk show.
Look. Pakistan's Honorary Consul to Houston, Texas.
How's that for a title, huh?
This is an ultra-right wing group of anti-Communist fanatics.
They're not ultra-right wing.
What are they?
Well, they're ultra-right wing.
What are you doing hanging around this woman?
Did you hear me say she was a former Miss Cotton Bowl?
You are unbelievable.
Oh, come on. You're gonna love her.
And, you know, one of the things she's trying to do over there
is liberate the women.
And what better way than through a slave girl auction?
So sorry for keeping you waiting.
Oh, it's no problem, Joanne.
This is Bonnie Bach.
So nice to meet you.
It's a pleasure meeting you, Mrs. Herring. This is a wonderful party.
Why don't you give us a few moments?
Yes, sir.
Oh, Bobbie, if you could ask someone for a Bombay martini up, very dry?
Oh, I'm not a slave girl, actually.
I'm the Congressman's administrative assistant.
Isn't that wonderful for you.
Two olives, please. Tell them it's for me, they'll know.
She doesn't like me.

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