Charlie Wilson's War (2007): Pakistani Plea for Aid Part 2


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The clip pakistani plea for aid Part 2 from Charlie Wilson's War (2007)

who thinks he understands the problem.
'Cause I don't think the prayers of the Texas Second Congressional District
are going to turn the trick.
Well, now, I wasn't sent here by the State Department, Mr. President.
I was asked to come here by our friend in Houston.
So this is a courtesy call.
I don't need courtesy. I need airplanes, guns and money.
Well, we just doubled the CIA budget for covert ops...
From 5 million to 10 million.
That's right. Is that a joke?
No. Is that meant to be a funny joke?
No, sir.
Congressman, what they're saying is
$10 million from the U.S. To fight the Russian Army
is such a low figure that it can be mistaken for a joke.
I caught up to the sarcasm there, sir. Let me be clear.
The United States is eager to assist you.
No, you're not. You're not.
Absolutely not. I went to Oxford
and I know what that word means.
The U.S. Is not eager to assist us.
Well, now it's my understanding that we offered to sell you F-16s.
You didn't want them.
Because you refused to sell us the radar.
So to hell with that.
And this is emblematic of American fence sitting
when it comes to fighting the Soviets.

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