Charlie Wilson's War (2007): Hero's Welcome


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The clip hero's welcome from Charlie Wilson's War (2007)

There's nothing wrong with that!
And out in Polk, there's the polecat who took us over the side there.
You know, that's the truth. What do you got?
Is that Gus? You got it.
Hey, Gus!
Congratulations on your reelection. Yeah, thank you.
Tell me what you know. All right. Doc Long is gonna lose.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. We saw that coming.
Yeah, so who's gonna be our wallet now?
John Murtha. And is that good news?
Yep. Why?
I was his vote on the Ethics Committee.
You know, you're a very, very easy man to like, Congressman.
Call me tomorrow morning at high noon.
I will. Bye-bye.
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