Jaws 3-D (1983): Capture Shark Underwater


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The clip capture shark underwater from Jaws 3-D (1983) with Louis Gossett Jr., Bess Armstrong

Yeah, we're on top of it.
Ok. Thanks.
Now, where's that damn fish?
There. I've got him.
Sorry, it's the dolphins.
Babies, stay out of it, please.
...and I've rigged a lifeline.
Just let the pumps push you out and use the rope to pull yourself back.
And why don't I do all the filming?
I want both cameras. We need the coverage. Come on, Jack!
This isn't a picnic.
This film is a bloody retirement annuity.
I'd feel better if you did just the one thing.
What's the matter?
Getting cold feet?
Ok, Bob. Hold it about right there.
We're right over the tunnel.
Ok, we're all set.
'Tell FitzRoyce we're in position. '
FitzRoyce, you can go now.
They're testing the lifeline to see if it's secure.

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