Jaws 3-D (1983): Preparing for Dive


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The clip preparing for dive from Jaws 3-D (1983) with Simon MacCorkindale, Dennis Quaid

Killing is guaranteed press.
But this other is much, much more interesting.
Ok, this is MS-2-22.
This is quinaldine, but I had to guesstimate the dosage.
Right. Thanks, Danny.
All right, we're ready in Control. You all set?
'We're ready down here. '
With those TV monitors rolling,
you're gonna have more coverage than a space launch.
Good. Just the way I like it.
The colour of your wet suit's one hell of a choice.
The shark's gonna love you.
It helps me get the close-ups.
You're the showman.
Honey, is this suit gonna protect you?
Have you felt...?
It won't bite through, but it will yield to pressure.
So she might just get a little... squeeze.
Oh, that's great news. Look, why do you have to do this?
Why don't you let Her Majesty's number one son take care of it?
Because it's my job, remember?
Yeah, but I just don't want it to be you.
You build the stuff, I swim around in it. That was the deal. Right?
I love you, too.
If we get into any trouble, all we have to do is pull the pin.
What are those?
Mills bombs.
Mills bombs, sonny.
Grenades. A chap in Her Majesty's ordinance makes them up for me.
'Baby claymores. Good dispersion.
'Some concussion but they do the trick. '
Well, not in my water. Take 'em off.
You tend to your knitting, my dear, and I tend to mine.
Hold on a second there.
There's no explosives underwater.
There's acrylic down there, a very fragile environment. No bombs.

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