Jaws 3-D (1983): Nursing Shark


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The clip nursing shark from Jaws 3-D (1983) with Bess Armstrong, Dennis Quaid

We may have to work him all night, keep him moving.
Down, Danny. Down, down. That's it.
Be sure the oxygen keeps running through his gills.
We don't wanna lose him.
Close the door! Whoever you are, this is off limits.
Liz, uh, get the hose running. I wanna try aerating him, Ok?
Even to me, the fearless harpoonist?
Nah, you're Ok.
Come on in, sailor. Are you new in town?
Yeah. Came by to get me a woman and a tattoo.
Wanna see the tattoo?
Well, I'd rather see the woman, get a look at the competition.
There isn't any other woman, there isn't any tattoo either.
I'm lonely.
I'm sorry, darlin'.
Damn mammal.
This one's a fish.
A simple, beautiful fish.
Mike! Mike! What are you doing? Are you crazy?
Liz, take a hike.
If this is the only way we can be together,
this is the only way we can... be together.
Welcome aboard, sailor. Get that hose and hold onto it.
Yeah. Ok.
Open the mouth.
Say "hi" to your new friend.
This is the first time you've ever done my work with me.
Yeah, well, it's a real thrill.
Maybe tomorrow you can work with me and help me pour foundations.
Get away! Get clear! Get clear!

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