American Pie 2 (2001): Changing the Summer


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The clip changing the summer from American Pie 2 (2001) with Jason Biggs, Chris Klein

Jim, you can eat hot dogs tomorrow.
No, Finch, it's not the hot dogs.
Nadia called me this morning.
She's coming here at the end of the summer and she wants to see me.
That's killer.
Yeah, that's a good thing.
No, not "good thing. " Not "killer. "
I'll never be able to do it.
Nadia is gonna be expecting filet mignon.
Okay, and all I'm gonna be able to give her...
is rump roast.
Come on.
Jim, you've had experience since Nadia.
Ah, yes, you would be referring to...
the flute-fetish band geek that made me her bitch, then ditched me after prom.
Yes, that's great experience.
You just gotta find the right girl, Jimbo.
Brings it all together.
I had the right woman.
She just sells her cottage and takes off to parts unknown.
My romantic life has passed its peak.
Take me out to the pasture and shoot me.
Super start to a super summer, fellas. Welcome home.
Guys, I got it. Pack your bags.
For what?
We're moving to the lake.

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