American Pie 2 (2001): Stifler Approach the Lesbians


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The clip Stifler approach the lesbians from American Pie 2 (2001) with Seann William Scott, Lisa Arturo

Cheers, bud.
Hey, Steve, look what I found.
Dude, don't touch the shirt.
Just look.
Hey, there.
Brilliant. You found lesbians.
Good luck trying to break through that force field.
We never said that.
We never said that.
Oh, man.
I will do anything
anything- to sleep with you chicks.
Okay? I'll grab every guy's ass in this room.
I'll caress it, even. I'll shave some ass if they need it.
Oh, yeah. You heard me.
It's true. I'll kiss everybody here. Dudes, chicks, everybody.
Because I am comfortable with my sexuality.
Oh, yeah.
At least have a drink with the Stifmeister.
All right.
That's fair.
All right.
You truly are a Stifmeister.
Welcome back to the party.
Steve, those are my lesbians.
Ladies, I am down with the funky shit.
Like what?
One time at this party, I was drinking champagne-

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