Red Dragon (2002): Letter from a Fan Part 2


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The clip letter from a fan Part 2 from Red Dragon (2002) with Harvey Keitel, Edward Norton

How do you communicate through a tabloid?
You got what? News stories.
Maybe he wants Lecter to answer him through the personals?
That could be it.
We need proofs of the pages...
before the next Tattler's published!
I'm on it!
Investigator Graham interests me.
Not your standard gumshoe, is he?
More alert.
Purposeful looking.
You should have taught him not to meddle.
Forgive the stationery.
I chose it because it'll dissolve very quickly...
if you should have to swallow it.
If I hear from you, next time I might send you something wet.
Until then, dear Doctor...
I remain your most...
avid fan.

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