Red Dragon (2002): Looking for Leads


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The clip looking for leads from Red Dragon (2002) with Philip Seymour Hoffman, Harvey Keitel

I have seen with...
wonder and awe the strength of the Great Red Dragon.
He has helped me to understand his splendour...
and now I want to serve him.
He knows you made me lie, Will Graham.
Because I was forced to lie...
he will be more merciful to me than to you.
Oh, God, no!
We can let this tie us up in knots...
or we can learn from it.
Maybe even use it to catch the bastard.
He had to have a van or panel truck...
to move Lounds around in that big old wheelchair.
Go on.
He had to already have the wheelchair...
or know where to get one fast.
It's an antique, not something you'd find in the house.
Does it strike anybody that he set this up in a hurry?
The Tattler comes off the press Monday night.
By Tuesday morning he's in Chicago, snatching Lounds.
He either lives in the Chicago area...
or he's within a driving radius of...
call it six hours.

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