Red Dragon (2002): Concerns


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The clip concerns from Red Dragon (2002) with Mary-Louise Parker, Edward Norton

Why does he need you?
He just wants me to look at some evidence, Molly.
Give him another point of view.
It's a few days, a week maybe, and I'll be right back.
And you believed that?
These kinds of cases come up very rarely...
and I've had experience.
Yes, you have.
You're paid up, Will.
All of us. Even Josh.
There's a chance I could help them save some lives.
How do I say no to that?
This one will never see me or know my name.
I'll just help them find him.
The cops will take him down, not me.
I'll be in the back of the pack, Molly, I promise.
Never in your life.
I know you.
Come on. Come here.
I love you.

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