Red Dragon (2002): Video Tape


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The clip video tape from Red Dragon (2002) with Philip Seymour Hoffman, Harvey Keitel

You getting his face?
Okay, you got it?
All right, let's get the fuck out of here.
Sure you're okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
What do you think he meant by "see them living"?
I don't know, maybe nothing.
It's hard to separate his bullshit.
But I'm gonna make another pass at the Leeds' house.
All right, Duchess, doll. That's it.
Show me what you can do.
Who's that? Get them, Duchess. Get them, Duch! Go get them!
Go get them, girl!
And action!
Charles! What are you doing?
Hey, gang.
You crazy man.
How is everybody doing?
Just home from the store.
Hi, Daddy.
That's my girl.
Hi, Daddy.
Hi, honey. Billy?
Hi, Dad.
And sweetie?

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