Red Dragon (2002): Briefing


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The clip briefing from Red Dragon (2002) with Harvey Keitel, Edward Norton

Are the Leeds' bodies still at the morgue?
Who's good with latent prints here?
Atlanta P.D.
They've already printed the bodies.
Not the bodies. Tell them to check the eyes.
Mrs. Leeds' eyes. Even her corneas.
I think he took his gloves off. I think he had to touch her.
Jesus, Will.
Gentlemen. Ladies.
This is what the subject's teeth look like.
The impressions came from bite marks on Mrs. Leeds.
This degree of crookedness...
plus the groove in this central incisor...
makes his bite signature unique.
Fuckin' shark.
Knock it off!
We're grateful to have the FBI.
They have a lot of expertise in this area.
In particular, Investigator Graham does.
That right, Jack?
Yes, sir.
Anything you want to add, Mr. Graham?
Why don't you come on up to the front, please?
That's the guy.
Was he?
Yeah, that's the guy who arrested Lecter.
I thought he retired.
The son of a bitch just about gutted him.
Mrs. Leeds and Mrs. Jacobi were the primary targets.
The others were killed just to complete his fantasy.
I know that might be hard to accept given what you saw...
but this was not random.
This wasn't some killing frenzy. He was never out of control.
These attacks were organised, the women carefully chosen.
We don't know how he's choosing them, or why.

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