HouseSitter (1992): New Building Opening Part 2


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The clip New Building Opening Part 2 from HouseSitter (1992) with Peter MacNicol

I don't know if it's the champagne talking or not, but I wanna say,
your leadership has been an inspiration to all of us on the project.
I hope I've not embarrassed you.
Not at all.
Mr. Moseby, congratulations. Very good job.
Charlie, thank you.
I don't know if you know Davis from the firm?
Mr. Moseby. Uh, the building...
Wow! It's there.
Uh, you know that Boston Bank building you designed years ago?
I've stood on the sidewalk for hours absorbing that structure.
It still surprises me.
Thank you, Davis.
Don't you think we should be going for that kind of originality...
instead of these same designs over and over,
this cookie-cutter architecture?
Don't you feel we're just going through the motions?
We are the largest architectural firm in New England.
Evidently some people like what we do.
Are you insane?
Why didn't you kick him in the balls and tell him he has ugly children?
I thought he'd appreciate a fresh point of view.
Why would you think that? He's the boss!
If I could find the right doctor, I'd have my lips sewn to his ass.
We're different.
Yes. Come Monday, I will still have a job.
Hi, Mr. Simpson.

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