HouseSitter (1992): Problems At The Reception Part 2


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The clip Problems At The Reception Part 2 from HouseSitter (1992)

Uh, where's Gwen?
She's in her room and she won't come out.
She wanted this reception.
This is what it's like with her.
I try, and I try, and I try.
Davis, there you are!
Mr. Moseby.
It was great talking, Aunt Bea.
Where's Gwen's dad?
Let's take a look.
Talk to me, sweetheart. What is it?
He's such a lovely young man, with a beautiful house...
and a wonderful family.
What's the matter?
It's all gonna end.
What is, sweetheart?
You wouldn't understand, Mom. Now, go away.
I wouldn't understand? Your own mother?
Please, Gwen, don't shut me out.
Don't keep shutting me out of your life.
Don't treat me like a stranger, someone you just met on the street.
Is one of these guys Gwen's dad?
Gee, I don't know. It was 40 years ago. Hi.
Hi, Newton.
I think maybe this guy?
That guy?
No, not that guy. These are all old men now.
Not old men. But let's, let's go look for him up in the loft.
You're breaking your mother's heart, young lady!
Don't yell at her.
She's my daughter too.
She probably locked herself in the bedroom...
because she didn't wanna watch you get drunk!
So, it's my fault, is it? That's right, always blame me.
It's not like you were a lousy mother.
You wanna see drinking, I'll show you drinking.
Oh no.
Both bookcases are counterweighted so they can pivot easily,

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