HouseSitter (1992): Gwen's Lies Revealed


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The clip Gwen's Lies Revealed from HouseSitter (1992)

I know.
If I get through this reception, everything's gonna fall into place.
The promotion, Becky, the whole ball of string.
You think you're gonna pull this thing off?
Me? Her. Gwen!
She'll pull this off. She's some kind of a genius.
But I want to do something for her after Becky and I are married.
Hell, she's been kicked around so much.
Gentlemen, welcome to the Budapest.
I don't want to eat here.
Why? What's wrong?
Gwen? Oh, beautiful Gwen! Where is she?
You can tell Gwen that she can come back anytime. She's always fun for me.
You son-of-a-bitch! Taking advantage of a sweet girl like that.
I'll see you back at the office.
Jesus Christ! Somebody call the cops.
Call the cops for him.
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about what your boss did to Gwen Dunckle.
Or Buckley, rather.
Gwen? You mean Gwen Phillips?
Phillips? Okay, yeah.
He knows where is Gwen?
Funny you should ask.
You're the one who raised the rent. "Put out or get out. "
Karol did? That's hard to believe.
Karol doesn't own the apartment and she would have told me.
I've known Gwen since Toledo.
What's that babe up to?
You know Gwen?
Look what Aunt Millie and Uncle Hughie sent.
Bumped into Patty today.
Waitress at the Budapest?
You might not remember her though she was a good friend. She helped you get your job.
You lived in the same foster home in Toledo for almost four years.

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