HouseSitter (1992): Gwen's Fake Father and Boss


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The clip Gwen's Fake Father and Boss from HouseSitter (1992)

enabling the entire room to be opened up.
Where's Gwen's dad and Gwen?
They might be in the kitchen. I wanted to show the kitchen...
because a lot of architects forget about the kitchen.
I don't know what all the situation is between you and your folks,
or between you and Newton, for that matter.
So, I can't give you advise.
I won't tell you what to do.
I, I can only say, we love you, Gwen.
You're family now.
I don't know if that means anything anymore.
But, we're here for you, sweetheart,
if you need us.
You are still in there, aren't you?
With the furnace positioned that way, the duct work is minimized.
I want to show you the front closet.
You don't think they're in there?
No, no.
Hi, Newton.
How were you able to do this on your salary?
Mainly I borrowed from my dad. You know how he and I are.
I wanna show you the windows.
Assistant Gunner's Mate, Bernard Dunckle.
U.S.S. Pennsylvania.
Seaman Third Class, Winston Moseby.
This is great. Your face is familiar.
I was thinking the same about you.
I'm just gonna say one word.
"Midway. "
Oh, what a night!
We got hit midships by a torpedo.
Just then a Japanese zero comes in real low.
I get him in my sights, flames all around.
Gun's so hot I can hardly handle it. Rat-tat-tat, rat-tat-tat.
I get him! Take that, you motherless son of Hirohito!

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