HouseSitter (1992): Attraction


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The clip Attraction from HouseSitter (1992)

Come on, come on!
How was your day?
Oh, it was okay.
I was just too tired to make anything other than that.
I brought some Chinese. I figured you'd be exhausted from shopping with my mother.
I get exhausted thinking about it. Did you get a dress?
You brought me Chinese food?
Did you get a dress for the reception? It's in two days.
Oh yeah.
Would you mind not going around the house dressed like that?
Like this?
Yes, like that. And not just that.
A lot of what you wear, you look very... pert.
I have to live here too and I wouldn't want to, you know.
To f... f... to confuse the situation!
Like nothing too revealing or too tight?
Tight and revealing, that's fine.
It's like this kind of thing.
Whether you know it or not, it's a turn-on.

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