HouseSitter (1992): Newton Sets Parents Problems


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The clip Newton Sets Parents Problems from HouseSitter (1992) with Donald Moffat

Sweetheart, oh sweetheart,
you've made me so happy.
You've brought home a princess.
Hi, Pop.
My little boy.
I see you've met Gwen.
Why'd you do it, son?
Well, I...
Understand I like her. I like her a lot.
But she is something of an acquired taste.
I've grown quite fond of her.
It's just the secrecy, not sharing the decision.
I can't help but feel it's part of our battle.
Oh, Pop!
Don't say a thing. Gwen said it all for you.
She has?
What I'm trying to say to you...
is I apologize.
You do?
I won't deny I was upset.
You go into debt to build a house you won't live in...
so you end up with a mortgage...
and that crazy rent in the city.
Don't start, Pop.
I won't. I won't.
Finally you do make good decisions; Gwen, for instance,
plus now giving up the apartment and coming back here.
You told them I was giving up my apartment?
Uh, let me think.
What she told us was how sorry you felt.
Like the other week when you cried?
No shame in it, son. Just don't do it often. Nobody likes a crybaby.
You told them I was sorry?
You did say you regretted the situation, remember?
Okay, but I never said I was giving up my apartment.
Her intentions were good.

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