The Meaning of Life (1983): Exploding Man

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The clip exploding man from The Meaning of Life (1983) with Terry Jones, Patricia Quinn ...or would he pre...
The clip exploding man from The Meaning of Life (1983) with Terry Jones, Patricia Quinn ...or would he prefer to order straight away? Today, we have for appetizers... Excuse me. Moules marinieres, pate de foie gras, beluga caviar, eggs benedictine... ...tarte de poireaux, that's leek tart... ...frogs' legs amandine or oeufs de caille Richard Shepherd. C'est a dire, little quails' eggs on a bed of pureed mushrooms. It's very delicate, very succulent. I'll have the lot. A wise choice, monsieur. And now, how would you like it served? All mixed up together in a bucket? Yeah. With the eggs on top. But of course. Avec les oeufs frits. Don't skimp on the pate. I assure you. Just because it's mixed up with all the other things... ...we wouldn't give you less than the full amount. In fact, I will personally make sure you have a double helping. Maintenant, quelque chose a boire. Something to drink? Yeah, I'll have six bottles of Chateau-Latour '45. And a double jeroboam of champagne. Bon. And the usual brown ales? Yeah. No, wait a minute. I think I could only manage six crates today. I hope monsieur was not overdoing it last night. Shut up! D'accord. The new bucket and the cleaning woman. Is there something wrong with the food? No, the food was excellent. You're not happy with the service? No, no complaints. It's just that we have to go. I'm having rather a heavy period. And we have a train to catch. Yes, of course. We have a train to catch. And I don't want to start bleeding all over the seats. Madam? Perhaps we should be going? Very well, monsieur. Thank you so much. So nice to see you. I hope very much we will see you again very soon. Au revoir, messieurs.