The Meaning of Life (1983): Fighting Each Other - World War I Birthday Part 2


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The clip Fighting Each Other - World War I Birthday Part 2 from The Meaning of Life (1983) with Graham Chapman, Michael Palin

Don't mind me, Spadge. Toffs are all the same.
One minute, it's all please and thank you. The next, they'll kick you in the teeth.
Let's not give him the cake.
I don't want any cake.
Look. Blackitt cooked it especially for you, you bastard.
He saved his rations for six weeks, sir.
I don't mean to be ungrateful.
I'll be all right-
Blackie! Blackie!
Look at him! He worked on that cake like no one else I've ever known.
Some nights it was so cold we could hardly move...
...but Blackitt'd be slicing the lemons, mixing the sugar and the almonds.
I mean, you try getting butter to melt at 15 degrees below zero.
There's love in that cake. This man's love and this man's care-
Oh, my Christ!
You bastard.
All right, we will eat the cake.
They're right. It's too good a cake not to eat.
Get the plates and knives, Walters.
Yes, sir. How many?
Better make it five.
Tablecloth, sir?
Yes, get the tablecloth.
No, no, I'll get the tablecloth.
You better get the gate-leg table, Hordern.
And the little lamp, sir?
While you're at it, you'd better get a doily.
I'll bring two in case one gets crumpled.
But, of course, warfare isn't all fun. Right. Stop that.
It's all very well to laugh at the military, but when one considers...
...the meaning of life, it's a struggle between alternative viewpoints of life.
Without the ability to defend one's own viewpoint...
...against other more aggressive ideologies...
...then reasonableness and moderation could quite simply disappear.
That is why we'll always need an army.
May God strike me down were it to be otherwise.
Don't stand there gawping...

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