My Man Godfrey (1936): Park Avenue Brat


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The clip Park Avenue brat from My Man Godfrey (1936) with William Powell, Gail Patrick

Well, the mystery's solved.
The mystery?
Yes. Now I know what a butler does on his day off.
When you worked for Mr. Gray, were the two of you always this chummy?
You see, I worked for Mr. Gray a long time, and we got to be...
Yeah, that was under the name of Smith, wasn't it?
Or did I hear him mention the name of Parke?
He may have said that we used to take long walks in the park.
A sort of custom.
Oh, yes, I see.
Well, if you can be so chummy with the Grays, why can't you be chummy with the Bullocks?
I try to keep my place.
Why? You're very attractive.
As a butler?
No, as a Smith.
You're a rotten butler.
Are we going to be friends?
I feel that on my day off, I should have the privilege of choosing my friends.
You can't go on like this forever.
You really like me, and you're afraid to admit it, aren't you?
Do you want me to tell you what I really think of you?
Please do.
As Smith or as a butler?
Choose your own weapon.
You won't hold it against me?
It's your day off.
Very well.
You belong to that unfortunate category that I would call the Park Avenue brat.
A spoiled child who's grown up in ease and luxury, who's always had her own way, and whose misdirected energies are so childish that they hardly deserve the comment even of a butler on his offThursday.
Thank you for a very lovely portrait.
Hiya, Cornelia. What are you doing here?
Godfrey and I were discussing tomorrow's menu.
Well, don't run away.
I'm in an awfully big hurry. Good-bye.
I'll see you down by the ash pile.
What did she mean by that?
A little joke we have between us.
Oh, I see. Ajoking butler.
What's the matter with that stuff?
I think I'll switch. I'm more at mood.
Now we're getting someplace. Waiter!
Another one of these.

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