My Man Godfrey (1936): Police Investigation


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The clip Police investigation from My Man Godfrey (1936) with Alice Brady, Edward Gargan

Mm-mm. Well, what I want to know is, when did you miss the pearls?
During dinner I went to my room, and they were gone.
She's always leaving them.
Nobody asked you anything.
If you're going to be rude to my daughter, you might take your hats off.
When we're on criminal cases, lady, we keep both hands free.
You mean to imply that I'm a criminal?
All I know is that it's an inside job.
Who's that?
It's Mother's protege.
No wise cracks. Is that your son?
That? Say, listen, I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, but I'll be hanged if I'll plead guilty to that.
Stop picking on Carlo!
He wouldn't have time to steal anything. He's too busy eating.
Who are you?
Where is Godfrey?
He isn't feeling very well.
Who are you staring at?
Just a minute, sister.
If I thought that were true, I'd disown my parents.
So you got a passion for jewelry, huh?
Yes, and I got a passion for socking cops.
Where are they?
Most of them are in cemeteries.
Where is the necklace?
Maybe I swallowed it.
You mustn't accuse Molly. She's been with us a long time.
That in itself is some recommendation.
Thank you, Molly.
You're welcome. I'll turn down the beds.
Who is this Godfrey?
He's the best butler we ever had.
Oh, I'm sure Godfrey didn't take them, though we don't know much about him.
Godfrey wouldn't touch those old pearls with a fork.
Just a minute. What do you mean you don't know much about him?
We didn't get him from an employment agency.
My sister found him on a city dump.
Oh, I see.
Are you accusing Godfrey?
I only want my necklace.
It's so silly to think of Godfrey wearing a pearl necklace.
Where is this butler?
He's probably in his room.
Where is that?
It's back this way.
That's his room over there.

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