My Man Godfrey (1936): The Craziest Family Part 2


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The clip The craziest family Part 2 from My Man Godfrey (1936) with Carole Lombard

That's the girl. Come right up here.
There you are. Godfrey will soon fix Irene.
Yes, indeed. Just leave everything to Godfrey.
Godfrey will take care of everything.
Now, you just sit right down there like a good girl, and in just a minute you'll forget that you had any trouble.
I thought so. Let that be a lesson.
Godrey! Oh, Godfrey, don't go away!
Oh, Godfrey, now I know you love me.
I do not love you!
You do!
What is the meaning of this, may I ask?
Godfrey loves me!
What are you talking about?
Godfrey loves me!
Godfrey, I demand an explanation!
I think perhaps I had better resign.
Yes, that's a good idea.
What do you think your father'd say?
I don't care. Godfrey loves me.
You put on some dry clothes and come downstairs.
Godfrey loves me!
I never heard anything like this!

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