My Man Godfrey (1936): Moving on


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The clip Moving on from My Man Godfrey (1936)

I feel a certain responsibility to you.
That's why I wanted to tell you first.
Tell me what?
Well, I thought it was about time that I was moving on.
Now, please.
I won't cry, I promise.
That's fine.
After all, I'm your protege.
You want me to improve myself?
You don't want me to go on being just a butler all my life, do you?
I want you to be anything you want.
Well, that's very sweet.
When are you leaving?
Oh, pretty soon.
But I'll call you up every now and then.
We'll have long chats. I'll tell you how I'm getting on.
Oh, we'll have lots of fun.
Are you going back to her?
To whom?
That Indian woman.
Indian... Oh!
She was just a fabrication.
Oh! Then, you weren't married to her?
No, she was just a product ofTommy Gray's imagination.
Then there wasn't any?
Well, there couldn't have been five children.
Well, naturally.
That makes a difference.
Yeah, that makes a difference.

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