My Man Godfrey (1936): What's a Scavenger Hunt?


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The clip What's a scavenger hunt? from My Man Godfrey (1936) with William Powell, Carole Lombard

Who are you?
I'm Irene.
That was my sister Cornelia you pushed in the ash pile.
Like me to push Cornelia's sister?
I don't think I'd like that.
Then you'd better get out of here.
Oh, you bet.
Wait a minute! Sit down!
I'm sitting.
What's up, Duke? Need some help?
No, thanks, boys. Got everything under control.
Are you a member of this hunting party?
I was, but I'm not now. Are they all forgotten men too?
Yes, I guess they are, maybe. Why?
I couldn't help but laugh. I've wanted to do that since I was six years old.
You wanted to what?
Oh, push Cornelia in a pile of ashes.
That was Faithful George with her. That isn't really his name.
He gets in everybody's hair. His father's the broker.
That's very enlightening.
Cornelia thought she was going to win, and you pushed her.
Could follow an intelligent conversation for just a moment?
I'll try.
Well, that's fine.
Do you mind telling me just what a scavenger hunt is?
Well, a scavenger hunt is exactly like a treasure hunt.
In a treasure hunt you try to find something you want.
In a scavenger hunt you try to find something that nobody wants.
Hmm, like a forgotten man?
That's right.
The one that wins gets a prize, only there really is no prize.
It's just the honor of winning. The money goes to charity.
That is, if there's any money left over, and there never is.
Well, that clears the whole matter up beautifully.
I've decided I don't want to play any more games with human beings as objects.
It's kind of sordid when you think of it, when you think it over.
Yeah, well, I don't know. I haven't thought it over.
I don't like to change the subject, but why do you live in a place like this?
There's so many other nice places.
You really want to know?
Oh, I'm very curious.
Because my real estate agent felt the altitude would be good for my asthma.
Oh, my uncle has asthma.
Well, now there's a coincidence.
Well, I suppose I should be going now, shouldn't I?

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