My Man Godfrey (1936): What This Family Needs is Discipline! Part 4


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The clip What this family needs is discipline! Part 4 from My Man Godfrey (1936)

Look, darling, look. Isn't he clever?
Why don't you stop imitating a gorilla and imitate a man?
You wouldn't know an artist if one came up and bit you!
This family doesn't need any stimulant.
I'll be in my room. You can repeat this order in 30 minutes.
Someday I'm going gorilla hunting, and I won't miss.
Has Cornelia gone?
Yes, darling, she's gone.

Where's Godfrey?
He's here. Don't go away, Godfrey.
We'll be late for the concert.
I'll be right with you. Godfrey's right here.
Godfrey, come over here so Irene can look at you.
Here's Godfrey, darling.
Right here. Look. Say hello to Irene so she'll know who you are.
Oh, hello, Godfrey.
And he's promised to stay on. Haven't you, Godfrey?
If I'm wanted.
Of course you're wanted, isn't he?
Yes. Go away.
I'm going. Take good care of her.
Yes, Carlo, I'm coming. Good-bye, darling, good-bye.
I beg your pardon?
I'm sorry, but I didn't quite hear...
I said, I'm not really having a spell.

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