My Man Godfrey (1936): Job Offer


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The clip Job offer from My Man Godfrey (1936) with Carole Lombard, William Powell

I've been wanting to say that, but I didn't have the nerve.
Oh, Godfrey! Oh, Godfrey!
Oh, Godfrey, I'm terribly sorry.
That's all right.
I'd never brought you here.
This is the first time I've ever beaten Cornelia, and you helped me do it.
Well, that makes me a Cornelia beater, doesn't it?
You've done something for me. I wish I could do something for you.
Because you've done something for me.
No, I don't see. But I could use a job, if you've got one.
Can you "buttle"?
We're fresh out of butlers. The one we had left this morning.
Irene, they're calling for you in the jade room.
Don't you want your cup?
Tell them to keep their cup.
You can't talk to this man. What will people think?
I don't care what they think. Godfrey's gonna be our butler.
He's gonna be whose butler?
He's gonna work for us.
Oh, that's ridiculous. You don't know anything about him.
He hasn't any recommendations...
The last one had recommendations and stole all the silver.
That was merely a coincidence.
People that take in stray cats say they make the best pets.
I don't see what cats have got to do with butlers.
You mustn't pay any attention to my daughter. She's very impulsive.
I'm not impulsive!
Don't shout at your mother.
I will shout!
Oh, Mrs. Meriwether, Irene is shouting.
You mean it's all over?
Yes, she always shouts when she wins.
Run along, my good man. Thank you so much for coming. Thank you so, so much.

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