My Man Godfrey (1936): Godfrey Saves the Family Part 3


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The clip Godfrey saves the family Part 3 from My Man Godfrey (1936)

But why?
You wouldn't understand.
Here, Godfrey. These are rightfully yours.
Oh, no, thank you. I repaid my debt, and I'm grateful to all of you.
If anyone's indebted, we are, after the way some of us have treated you.
I've been repaid in many ways. I learned patience from Mr. Bullock.
I found Mrs. Bullock at all times, shall we say, amusing.
That's complimentary, and don't forget you said I looked as young as Cornelia.
What good did you find in me, if any?
A great deal.
You taught me the fallacy of false pride. You taught me humility.
I don't understand you.
Miss Cornelia, there have been other spoiled children in the world.
I happened to be one of them myself.
You're a high-spirited girl.
I can only hope that you use those high spirits in a more constructive way.
And so... good day.
You know, I hate to see Godfrey go.
He's the only butler we ever had who understood women.

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