Dai Si Gin (2004): SDU Move in


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The clip SDU move in from Dai si gin (2004)

Call SDU Action
They're fortified. It endangers SDU and the hostages
They're planning to make an exit
Where there's a will, there's a way
Some kinda instinct? I don't accept it
I need your support, not your acceptance
Tell SDU to get ready for action
Yes, madam
Freeze. Stay where you are
Freeze! Watch out! Grenades!
Stand there
Watch out. Grenades
Stand there
Hostages coming out of 3 units on the 8th floor
Grenades are attached onto them
I knew it
Get Bravo team to cover them
Yes, madam
Don't be afraid. Stay calm
Police! Freeze!
Police. Freeze
2 more groups of hostages in sight
There're grenades. Request backup
Any SDU on the 8th floor?
No, madam
Where's the Alpha Team?
They're on the ground floor
Tell them to go up

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