Sneakers (1992): Abducting Greg


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The clip abducting greg from Sneakers (1992) with Robert Redford

Keep smiling.
Martin, have you lost your mind?
Excuse yourself.
Darling, would you excuse me for a moment?
Give me back Janek's box, Greg.
Martin, I don't have it.
Now you must believe me.
You set me up, Greg. No, I do not believe you.
We had nothing to do with this Janek business.
Not for lack of trying, mind you.
Your codes are entirely different from ours.
We never had any luck in breaking them...
so Lord knows, I wanted that box...
but we did not take it.
Then who did?
What I will tell you now I cannot tell you in this building. Do you understand?
You must trust me.

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