Sneakers (1992): Reunion with Cosmo Part 2


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The clip reunion with cosmo Part 2 from Sneakers (1992) with Ben Kingsley, Robert Redford

There I was in prison...
and one day I help some nice older gentlemen make some free phone calls.
They turn out to be, let us say, good family men.
Organized crime?
Don't kid yourself.
It's not that organized. Anyway, they arranged for me...
to get an early release from my unfortunate incarceration...
and I began to perform a variety of services.
For starters, I reorganized their entire financial operation:
budgets, payroll, money laundering, you name it.
The whole network is protected by a very powerful encryption system...
so the government cannot read it.
But if the feds get Janek's box-
Disaster. Therefore, we must have it.
To protect the organization.
No, I don't buy it.
I know you.
God, it's good to see you.

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