Sneakers (1992): Breaking into the Bank Part 3


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The clip breaking into the bank Part 3 from Sneakers (1992) with Robert Redford, River Phoenix

Westguard security.
Yeah, I got a fire at Centurion Bank.
Yeah, we got the alarm. Are there any secondary indications? Smoke or flame?
Ahh, no.
It's probably a false alarm. We've been getting them in your area all night.
See if it resets.
Oh, man, I don't know.
Sure you know which one to cut?
Yes! The alarm's always the green one.
Good, Carl.
Hey, man, I'm not waitin' any longer. I'm callin' the fire-
Oh. It, uh, stopped. Sorry.
Hey, no problem. And, son?
Good work.
Thank you, sir.
All yours, Bish.
So, how much do you want?

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