Sneakers (1992): Staying Tonight


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The clip staying tonight from Sneakers (1992) with Sidney Poitier, Robert Redford

Good night.
What time is the hand-off?
9:00 a. m.
Well, between now and then, we are going to institute some security around here.
Mmm-mmm-mmm, this is where I get off.
Nice to see you again. I'm out of here.
Don't take this personally, Liz...
but you were the only one who knew Martin's secret.
Somebody talked.
So make yourself comfortable. We're all staying right here tonight.
I'm getting my bag, and I'm leaving.
So relax, Crease.
I'll relax when we get that damn thing out of here. Until then, you stay.
There isn't a government on this planet that wouldn't kill us for that thing.
I see.
Carl, would you get the alarm?
Mother, lock everything down.
Whistler, unplug that thing.
Then kill the lights.
You bet.
Thank you for the trust, fellas.

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