Sneakers (1992): Job Debrief Part 2


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The clip job debrief Part 2 from Sneakers (1992) with Robert Redford

We don't have the time.
So, why me?
Frankly, because we-
Yeah, frankly.
Marty, sit down, please.
Frankly, because it's kind of illegal.
You've stayed underground more than 20 years. You know how not to get caught.
We know you can keep your mouth shut.
Job pays $175,000, payable on delivery.
You can distribute it among the poor, if you like.
We also clean up your record.
Quash the outstanding warrant for your arrest.
Your pal, Cosmo, got 12 years. That was without flight to evade prosecution.
We all know what happened to him in there.
If I say no?
Don't say no.
What good would you do anybody in prison?

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