Sneakers (1992): the Team Part 2


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The clip the team Part 2 from Sneakers (1992) with Robert Redford, Timothy Busfield

Sorry to waste your time, gentlemen. I don't work for the government.
We know.
National Security Agency.
Oh, you're the guys I hear breathing on the other end of my phone.
No, that's the F.B.I. We're not chartered for domestic surveillance.
Oh, I see. You just overthrow governments, set up friendly dictators.
No, that's the C.I.A.
We protect government communications, try to break the other fellow's codes.
We're the good guys, Marty.
Gee, I can't tell you what a relief that is, Dick.
All right, that's enough. Let's go.
If you change your mind...
call us at this number...
Mr. Brice.

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