Sneakers (1992): the Access Card


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The clip the access card from Sneakers (1992) with Mary McDonnell

Maybe I'll just open this window a bit.
I'll join you as soon as I'm through pounding these breasts.
Do you know, the best thing about this meal...
besides it's absolutely fabulous...
is that it only has 400 calories.
Oh, great.
I'm very concerned about what we eat.
You are.
What would you say is the ideal diet?
Well, I-I sort of, um, eat, sort of on the run.
I'm really busy, so-
The ideal diet, don't laugh, is the bottom of a monkey cage.
I'm sorry?
Look at the bottom of a monkey cage.
Is someone answering your door?
Just a second. I'm not expecting anyone.
No. Nobody there.
Oh, I'm sorry.
We're all alone.
I'll just close the window. It's okay now.
It's true. I read that once.
I don't know. What were we talking about?
You have fruit, greens-

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