To Kill a Mockingbird (1962): Jem's Treehouse Part 2


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The clip Jem's treehouse Part 2 from To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) with Phillip Alford, John Megna

How old are you? Four and a half?
Goin' on seven.
No wonder then.
Scout's been readin' since she was born...
and she don't start school till next month.
You look right puny for goin' on seven.
I'm little, but I'm old.
Folks call me Dill. I'm from Meridian, Mississippi...
and I'm spendin' two weeks next door with my Aunt Stephanie.
My mama works for a photographer in Meridian.
She entered my picture in the "Beautiful Child" contest...
and won five dollars on me.
She give the money to me, and I went to the picture show 20 times with it.
Our mama's dead, but we got a daddy. Where's your daddy?
I haven't got one.
Is he dead?
If he's not dead, you've got one. Haven't you?
Hush, Scout.
What did I do?
Dill, this is Calpurnia.
Pleased to know you, Dill.
Pleased to know you.
My daddy owns the L&N railroad.
He's gonna let me run the engine all the way to New Orleans.
Is that so?
He says I can invite anybody-

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