To Kill a Mockingbird (1962): Tom's Testimony Part 2


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The clip Tom's testimony Part 2 from To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)

Yes, sir.
I went lots of times.
Seemed like every time I passed by yonder...
she'd have some little somethin' for me to do:
chopping kindlin' and totin' water for her.
What happened to you...
on the evening of August 21 of last year?
I was goin' home as usual that evenin'.
When I passed the Ewell place...
Miss Mayella were on the porch, like she said she were.
She said for me to come there and help her a minute.
I went inside the fence...
and I looked around for some kindlin' to work on, but I didn't see none.
Then she said to come in the house...
she has a door needs fixin'.
So I follows her inside...
and I looked at the door, and it looked all right.
Then she shut the door.
All the time I was wonderin' why it was so quiet like.
And then it come to me.
There was not a child on the place.
And I said, "Miss Mayella, where are the children?"
She said, "They all gone to get ice cream. "
She said it took her a year to save seven nickels, but she'd done it.

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